Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday Night Quarterback

Over the years, Monday Night Football has done some truly horrendous things: Tony Kornheiser, Dennis Miller, Joe Theismann, just to name a few. When I'm watching football, I want commentators that are going to discuss football, specifically offering insight. That's why I was excited when ESPN put together a team of Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and John Gruden.

Tirico is as solid as they come as far as play-by-play guys are concerned, and we all know how incredibly knowledgeable both Jaws and John Gruden are when it comes to the game of football. So far this preseason, I've actually been enjoying the broadcast pretty much the entire time.

True to form, Jaws has been his informative, engaging self. And surprising to just about everyone I think, Gruden has shown a lot of personality and genuine excitement in his new gig. The insights of a Super Bowl-winning coach and a long-time NFL quarterback have enhanced my viewing experience … or at least not taken away from it.

But sweet fucking christ do these guys LOVE talking about quarterbacks. That's certainly no surprise, seeing as Jaws played the position and Gruden was somewhat of a quarterback "guru" who loved the most important position so much that he brought in 25 quarterbacks virtually every season in Tampa Bay.

It's not that Jaws and Gruden avoid talking about players at other positions. Far from it. They actually do a pretty damn good job at giving everyone their due respect … I'm not sure if you've heard, but this Antoine Winfield character isn't your typical corner — he likes to hit!

But there's no question these two won't pass up an opportunity to talk quarterbacks any chance they get. I guess it's natural. But my lasting impression from last night's broadcast, besides a few quips about Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and Winfield, were the health of Matt Schaub and just about everything under the sun about Brett Favre.

Maybe last night's game was a bad example, seeing as Gruden was Favre's quarterbacks coach for three years in Green Bay (and it was ESPN-favorite Favre's first appearance on ESPN's MNF since "unretiring" [what a douche]), perhaps making him more inclined to talk about No. 4. I have to admit though, watching Gruden mimic his former hand signals to Favre from back in the day was pretty entertaining.

I am legitimately happy with this trio, and I look forward to watching Monday Night Football sans the forced comic relief. But I get the feeling Jaws and Gruden will be reminding us again and again that the quarterback is the most important position on the field.

But hey, it sure as shit beats listening to Theismann and Kornheiser.

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  1. Agreed, Kornheiser and theismann were painful but you hit the nail on the head...anytime Favre is on ESPN they're going to be all over his nuts.

    Houston's D looks atrocious