Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee Lee

For the record, Cliff Lee is back to being the greatest man who ever lived after yet another complete game, this one in the form of a 5-0 shutout against the Nationals.

His line: 9 innings pitched, 6 hits, 0 runs, 3 walks (all in the 4th inning), 9 strikeouts. The guy is good.

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  1. He should be able to do that against the Nat's any time they are one of the doormats of baseball. Grandpa Boland can shut out the Nat's. You should reserve judgement till he goes against the Cardinals in the playoffs. Personally i don't see him going 9 and only giving up 6 hits against Big Albert and his crew.

  2. Do your homework, moron. The Nats can hit the shit out of the ball. They just suck at pitching and defense so bad that it kills them.

  3. Ok let's see here, the Nat's top 5 hitter for avg. are:
    Nick Johnson-295, Guzman-294, Zimmerman-291, Dunn-282
    Dunn-37, zimmerman-29, Willinghanm-22, Then a huge drop off johnson & guzman tied-6
    Dunn-99, Zimm-94, Willingham-59, Dukes-54, Guzman-50
    This covers the 3 main categories. They only got 2 guys with an OBP over 400, not 1 guy over 300 for ave. And only 3 guys over 20 hr's.

  4. Also they will only have 2 guys with over 100 RBI's for year. Now Outside of Dunn, Zimmerman and Guzman being their top 3. I don't see any real threats from this lineup. This would be pretty easy to deal with from a pitchers point of view, as opposed to the Phils and yanks. The phils are a good 5-6 deep in the lineup and the Yanks are a pretty solid 7 deep. A team facing either of these teams can't just turn around and give a guy a free pass and think it will get them out of an inning any easier, Cause the next guy can still burn them. Whereas i can say give a pass to any of these 3 guys and then say ok i can get a D.P. out of this next guy.

  5. Ergo my reasoning is a good pitcher like Cliff Lee who won a CY Young in the AL is not gonna look at this Nat's lineup and shit his pants. So this win to me especially the manor it which he won it would not carry the same weight as him beating The Cards, Yanks, Gaysox, and Dodgers to name a few.

  6. Haha, this isn't shit i still have to try to get to know the PSU roster better before saturday. No Promises there though

  7. Nats are 14th in the majors in OPS, .05 points behind the 12th place Dodgers.