Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess Who's Back

As I'm sure you're all aware of, Jeff Garcia is once again a Philadelphia Eagle. To me, this makes so much sense it almost hurts my brain, yet I've heard many (stupid) people be a little upset or even confused about the signing. Does this mean the Eagles have completely soured on Kevin Kolb? Will Garcia become the backup to McNabb? And the questions go on and on.

Frankly, I don't understand how people can call themselves fans and understand so little about the sport. It's a rather simple concept. If Donovan McNabb can't go on Sunday, the Eagles need a guy who can come in and be ready to play in case something happens to Kevin Kolb. It's as simple as that. With Michael Vick suspended and Donovan hurting, the Eagles had to sign someone to suit up. You can't go into an NFL game with just one quarterback. Just can't do it.

Garcia is the perfect candidate because he already knows the offense, was very successful in said offense and was in Raiders camp all preseason long, so he's in good shape. Essentially, he is the best possible quarterback the Eagles could have signed for Sunday if McNabb can't go.

Now, I understand the notion that perhaps this signifies that the Eagles may have more doubts than ever about Kolb, but I don't buy it. Kolb is going to start if McNabb gets shut down, and Garcia will be the backup. However, it will be extremely intriguing if Kolb goes out and lays an egg. The chants for Garcia will come, and if he gets in the game and succeeds, what then? That's another shit storm that could unfold. One thing's for certain: If McNabb doesn't play Sunday, it will be the most important game of Kevin Kolb's life. No matter what the Eagles say, there is pressure on the guy to perform and perform now. There are two former Pro Bowlers now breathing down his neck.

Guess we'll see what the guy is made of. Either way, I'm happy to have a proven veteran quarterback on board, especially one who has had success for this franchise, even if he looks like a rat and smells like a rat.

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