Monday, September 28, 2009

Video Madness

This catch makes me hate Greg Lewis that much more:

I bet you do something good now.

Tim Tebow got knocked the fuck out, which is bad news for him and Florida, good news for the rest of the country:

Upper Darby's own Simoni Lawrence got his penis hit by a motherfucker:

Yes, he called the first down sticks a motherfucker.

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. With You on hating Greg Lewis, The Niners should have won that fuckin game!!! Favre is now a bigger cock sucker then he ever was. Tebow getting the shit knocked out of him was fuckin great!! Urban Meyer is a fuckin tard for leaving him in the game that long being up 31-7 with 4 mins left in the 3rd quarter. His greed got Tebow that ride in the meat wagon. Fuck him and Florida!!!!

  2. i think the worst thing of all is the motherfucker hittin a penis

  3. Except that Florida has a bye week, so in reality it most likely wont affect everything. Tebow will probably just call it god testing him or some other bullshit

  4. yes the penis video was the best of the bunch, i laughed at that one for like a good mins. Even though Florida has a week off this Saturday That doesn't mean that Tebow will be at all ready for the LSU game in 2 weeks. Depending on the severity of the concussion he has to remain symptom free for 7-10 days before being cleared to play again. Meaning that when they test him next week before the game if he fails any part of the test that will just continue to back him up in his time table to return. It's different for everyone some people recover faster than others. Personally i hope it ends up costing him the rest of the season just due to my hatred of the Gators and Urban Meyer.