Wednesday, September 23, 2009

usc-ya in a non title game

is it just me or is pete carroll the best big game coach in college football?

is it just me or is pete carroll the worst small game coach in college football?

i'm not sure if it really matters, and frankly for penn state's sake, it's probably a glorious thing that he is, but how in the frank-the-tank's-sack does usc not have 5 national titles this decade???

all i'm sayin is, i wouldn't want to play pete carroll in a big game, and i wouldn't want to recruit against him, but boy do i like the underdog with points after a big win. he got his crystal footballs, but none since the bush administration, reggie, people, reggie. can he really be considered one of the great college coaches of our generation if he's literally seen 3 national titles go down the proverbial beer bong to teams like washington, oregon state and stanford?

for pete's sake, will ferrell is good at acting, but have you seen kicking and screaming? that's how i feel as a college football fan watching usc. how can something so incredible to watch go so pathetic at least once a year?

p.s. has anyone seen jordan norwood lately? send my regards. and taylor mays in the draft.

and also, if you ride your bike to work, you might as well still be naked. thank you for this.

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  1. hey, look who's back from the dead! all small caps! good stuff. p.s., i hear jordan norwood is around.