Friday, September 25, 2009

Commence the Iowa Hate

Last year, Iowa not only ruined Penn State's national title hopes, but those bastards ruined my entire weekend. Daryll Clark played like complete dog shit and got concussed. The defense was terrible, and Iowa capitalized on Penn State's mistakes and took advantage of some more than questionable calls. It was a truly awful experience. I hated every second of it.

Truth be told, I've hated everything about Iowa football my entire life. Growing up, I had a friend from Iowa who was an avid Hawkeyes fan. He moved to the Philadelphia area in 3rd grade from that stupid midwestern state, the same time I moved to Bucks County with my family, and we instantly became friends. And we would trash talk all the time about the Iowa-Penn State matchups. That spawned my hatred for the Hawkeyes. Thankfully for me, growing up, Penn State owned Iowa. Not so anymore. Iowa has defeated Penn State in 6 of the last 7 contests, including the most horrific football game ever played, a 6-4 Iowa victory in Beaver Stadium my sophomore year. It was atrocious.

But tomorrow, at 8 o'clock, on national television, with Gameday in town, I just don't see the Nittany Lions losing. Clark will be fired up to prove he can get it done against the better opponents, and you can sure as shit bet he'd like to atone for last year's performance in Iowa City. The defense has been dominant, and with the likes of Mark Rubin, Anthony Scirrotto and Lydell Sargeant gone from the secondary and replaced by the more talented (and better) D' Anton Lynn, Drew Astorino and combination of Nick Sukay, A.J. Wallace, Knowledge Timmons and Stephon Morris, Ricky Stanzi won't have much to work with. Against Iowa's tough defense, Penn State might not score much, but I don't expect Iowa to move the ball at all against the Lions. Time for revenge. Time for Penn State to do what they did to Iowa last time they visited Happy Valley.

Time for payback.

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