Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too Many Links on the Dance Floor

-Quintin Demps Sean Jones Macho Harris is the starting free safety for the Eagles.

I don't think anyone saw that coming.

-Shawne Merriman seems like a nice fellow.

-Ah, college football, it's nice to have you back:

-Guess who moved into Fraud City?

Ohio State: Where to begin?

The OL couldn’t manufacture a push against a DL with a weight limit. This does not bode well when you’re facing Everson Griffen and the USC defense the following week…barring a miracle. The tackles in particular were the guiltiest parties as the interior of Michael Brewster and Justin Boren were adequate. Back to the tackles…you have no chance if you can’t keep a Navy defender in front of you. Uber-recruit Mike Adams is likely out for the USC game thanks to a suspension, allegedly, for weed, so…yea, I’m concerned.

The Buckeye secondary is also a hot plate of bullshit. Anderson Russell, he of Quan Cosby’s Fiesta Bowl burninating, obviously hasn’t learned his lesson and got burnt by a Navy WR in exactly the same fashion. And to make matters worse, he did it, yet again, later on in the drive, only on a terrible angle from an option pitch. If you’re a DB and resemble burnt toast after playing a team that RUNS THE FUCKING TRIPLE OPTION, you just suck.

Iowa: Here’s a rule of thumb for this series all year long that you’ll pick up on before conference play starts…if you almost get Appalachian State’d, you’ll end up on this countdown. A close win that required two, last minute miracles against NORTHERN IOWA is something that fits this criteria, almost to a T.

And these guys are supposed to be Penn State's toughest opponents. Bad news for the Big 10.

-Daryll Clark, co-Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week.

Now, Clark did make some poor throws, but he had a very good game with insane numbers. Something tells me this guy is going to be the best quarterback in the Big 10 for the second straight year.

-The Alphabetical, starring a monster hit:

-Pat Devlin is undefeated as a starter in college. Just saying.

-Watch out for these guys to break out in 2009-10:

Forward: Thaddeus Young, Philadelphia 76ers
Simple and plain, Thad is hot. His name may not be a household one as of yet because the 76ers are flying under the radar. That being said, you can’t deny a talent like Young’s, tall and athletic with quickness to boot. Put him alongside Andre Igudola and Philly have a fast-breaking, strong frontcourt with talent and tenacity. Think of how good this Philadelphia team can be with not only this combination but the return of a healthy Elton Brand. It’s evident that in Brand’s absence Thaddeus benefited from extended minutes; however, good numbers don’t lie. Young last season averaged 15.3 ppg and 5 rebounds — not bad for a second year man. Thad also went for a career high 31 last season against Chicago, which shows he can lead his team and put up star numbers on the boards. When Brand returns from injury Thaddeus will have to share the ball more, but his numbers still may improve. If he manages to start alongside a healthy Brand and Iguodala then he will help give the Sixers one of the most potent frontcourts in the L.

-Danny Briere is on a mission, and that's good news for the Flyers.

With Joffrey Lupul and Mike Knuble gone, the Flyers are going to need Briere to be healthy and productive this upcoming season if they hope the addition of Chris Pronger can put them over the top.

-MJ clips never get old:

-Terrelle Pryor: Michael Vick fan and certified moron:

Not because he's a Michael Vick fan, mind you. Because he is, in fact, a fucking idiot. Heisman candidate my ass.

-Meet the newest UNC commit, James McAdoo.

-Someone thinks Andre Iguodala will score 20+ points per game this year:

4. Andre Iguodala - Whereas these other guys will probably end up averaging 20+ points per game as part of their team’s development, Iguodala needs to average over 20 a game in order for the Sixers to remain competitive. After steadily increasing from 9.0 to 12.3 to 18.2 to 19.9 points per game over the first four years of his career, Iguodala only averaged 18.8 last season. Even with Elton Brand back in the mix, Andre will need to call his own number more often this year.

For all the money fast Eddie paid him, he sure as shit better. Then again, given his shot selection at times, maybe it's best if he doesn't.

-It probably feels good to be able to do this:

-That shit is gross:

-Randy Wolf has pitched like the ace of the Dodgers this season.

Somehow I am not terrified of the Dodgers.


-Yes, it's that time of year again … The Pam Ward Chronicles.

Hopefully the Phillies can get back to winning baseball games tonight. That would be nice.

BallHype: hype it up!


  1. The fact they called a flag on the play when the Georgia safety killed the receiver from OK State further lets me know we're inching closer and closer to flag football. Ronnie Lott is rolling over in his grave. That was fucking pathetic.

  2. couldn't agree with you more. pathetic pussy-ass shit.