Friday, September 25, 2009

You'll Always Remember Your First Time, Part 11

They say you never forget your first time. And with October right around the corner, the vivid memories of my first time witnessing a professional Philadelphia franchise win a championship are ripe in my head. Even with football underway, I find myself wandering back to that glorious month of October. It's something I want to relive again and again. In fact, that's exactly what I'm going to do, republishing my feelings during the wild ride to becoming 2008 World Fucking Champions. View part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 5 here, part 6 here, part 7 here, part 8 here, part 9 here and part 10 here.

Today is part 11, originally published Oct. 14, 2008:

I Want to Vomit: Phils, Linkage Style

-Dan Levy has a great line to open his post:

At one point in the sixth inning, I sent Matt an instant message that simply said, "I want to vomit."

Couldn't agree more.

-Jayson Stark says stuff.

They were five outs away from a crushing loss, a loss that would have evened this series at two wins apiece, a loss that would have brought all the tragic moments from their star-crossed history showering down on all their heads.

But this is a team that doesn't think that way. This is a team that thinks two-run, eighth-inning deficits are just the perfect launching pad to kick off their latest miracle comeback.

"This team's amazing," closer Brad Lidge said in a raucous October clubhouse. "I don't care if we're down by 10 runs. If there's two innings left, we just believe that somehow, some way, we're going to catch up. No matter how many runs we're down by, I'm still thinking I'm going to come into the game."

-T.J. Simers seems a little ANGRY at Joe Torre, does he not?

-Shane Victorino is the best thing to come out of Hawaii since:

* The surf board
* Five-O
* Magnum
* Don Ho
* Those episodes of the Brady Bunch when they go to Hawaii

-Enrico gots some video.

-Matt Stairs quote of the year.

-Not Phillies, but apparently Braylon Edwards wishes he went to Penn State. So do I.

-Also not Phillies, but a great, funny post over at NOIS.

-Matt Stairs: "He looks like a guy who's dressing like the 1993 Phillies for Halloween."

-Always entertaining is the morning video, and this is no exception.

-Barack Obama says he's rooting for the Phillies.

-'Duk has some big ups for Matt Stairs.

-Terrible lede, but excellent job giving Chase some props for his defense.

-YES! I agree with everything written here.

-For photo stealing, go to Walkoff Walk for details, and get photos like this:

-Excellent game story by David Murphy.

-Shane loves being a villain.

-Hef writes a letter to the Phils.

And let’s not forget Shane Victorino. That dude is scrappy despite the fact that he’s not a white dude. He’s gritty and he hustles and he’s a smart player and he’s got a big heart. Again, despite not being a white dude. I think he and Chone Figgins should start a club (but Figgins should pay dues because he sucks).

-Cole Hamels is ready.

-Forget the regular season. The Phils won in LA, and now have a 3-1 lead.

-One win away. Actually, 5 wins away.


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