Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get Ready to See Brett Favre Cry Again

As everyone in the world already knows, Brett Favre has been traded to the Jets. I find this hilarious.

You see, Brett Favre, at one time, was a really, really good, hell, great quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He won three MVPs, went to two Super Bowls and brought home a ring to Wisconsin. He made the Packers relevant again and was, without question, the best quarterback in the league. And since he did all that earlier in his career, he's gotten a free pass from the media and fans in Green Bay for every playoff game since then where he singlehandedly cost the Packers games with interceptions a retarded, blind, fifth-grade amputee wouldn't throw.

Lest you forget, 4th and 26 could have been all for naught had it not been for Brett's perfect pass to Brian Dawkins.

Now, Brett takes his retired, unretired, flat-out tired act to New York, a place where the fans and media are notoriously harsh. If A-Rod can't be loved in New York for his playoff failures, just wait until they get their hands on Favre. Golden Arm Brett will get booed like he's never been booed before when his first pick (and there will be plenty) costs the J-E-T-S a game. I cannot wait for this. And judging the way Brett has been acting, we should all get familiar with these sites:

Brett Favre, sucking since 1999. Now he'll be sucking in New York. Good luck with all that.

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  1. Well you are getting your wish in the Jets vs Chargers Monday night game. Brett has thrown 3 ints in the first half.