Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ludicrous, and I'm Not Talking About the Rapper

Some crazy things out there these days. Right off the bat, did Andre Iguodala sign or didn't Andre Iguodala sign?

No one knows, but the deal seems to be almost done. Good to have him back, but $80 millions?

That's a lot of dough. In more Philadelphia news, Broderick Bunkley got robbed when the Birds were in Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers. Missing: guns. Lots and lots of guns. Good thing he wasn't home. That could have been ugly.

On a brighter note, Tom Gordon is done for the year, which I actually think is good news, although the Phils bullpen didn't fare too well last night.

Chad Johnson is just crazy enough to change his name to Chad Ocho Cinco, and he's actually in the process of possibly doing it.

Oh yeah, I flipped off the Phils for a few moments to catch the Michael Phelps races. Seriously, that cat is nasty. He's now 5-for-5, and the lead he got the Americans out to in the relay last night was unfair. I'm pretty sure he's not human.

And this video is cool.

Update: Thanks to MJD for these other fantasy football videos.

I could watch stuff like this all day.

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