Tuesday, August 5, 2008

You Can't Choose Your Friends

Except that you can. And from the sounds of it, Philadelphia favorite John Kruk didn't pick his friends so well.

Walkoff Walk takes a close look at Kruk's relationship to notorious bank robber Roy Plummer chronicled by Gary Harki of The Charleston Gazette. It's some pretty wild stuff.

Apparently Kruker grew up with Plummer and the two were best friends. Then, when Kruk was playing for the San Diego Padres, Plummer moved in with Kruk. He was selling drugs and robbing banks without Kruk's knowledge, and then eventually wanted to kill our beloved former first baseman.

Thank sweet Jesus Plummer never succeeded killing Kruker, for we Philadelphians may have never known the joys of the overweight, mullet-donning, beer-swigging, ripped-pants wearing, .300-hitting Kruker. Not to mention "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" would have had no redeeming qualities whatsoever in its history if it weren't for Kruk, and what would "Baseball Tonight" do without Kruk partaking in spots such as this:

Too bad Plummer didn't get to Mitch Williams. That would have saved us all a lot of heartache.

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  1. Wow! Too bad Plummer's family, and Kruk, didn't let his wife and children know he was a dangerous, gun infested, bank robber. Kruk thinks he was in danger? Try living with this man for 10 years... Kruk could have left anytime he wanted. It is my opinion, because I have one, being Roy's wife, that Kruk was involved. From all indications left behind... Roy's mother calling Kruk personally to let him know "Brud" killed himself. Kruk knew what was going on and is playing the victim. The real victims live in WV who loved and cared for this man for years. His own mother wouldn't even have a funeral for Roy Plummer. Do not let this story make Kruk the victim. Roy told me about Kruk too many times too mention!!!!