Friday, August 1, 2008

I screwed with a guy bigger than me and expected nothing bad to happen

I have decided that from now on I am going to start fights with guys twice my size with large egos because I am a jackass. Oh wait, I'm not a jackass.

These idiot kids from Penn State have to be some of the stupidest people I've ever seen. Did they not think that they were going to get their asses kicked once they messed with a football player's girl and punched him in the face? If someone did that to me I'd call people I know and hunt them down as well. What a disgrace.

It's not just bad enough that these kids go to PSU, no no, they had Phillies posters on the walls of their apartments. I hate these kids and "Outside the Lines" for dragging out an event that happened a year ago. I hate the kid's dad for being such an idiot to say that the football players should be kicked out, but with no consequences for his jackass son.

What the hell is wrong with this world? How does this get more coverage than half of Iowa's football team being rapists? Where are you on that one "Outside the Lines?" Where???


  1. Everyone hates Paterno, and thus Penn State because he isn't friendly to the media.
    I hope ESPN burns to the ground.

  2. jerome hayes has to be one of the scariest looking dudes that i have ever seen

  3. Jerome Hayes is my favorite player on the team.
    Too bad this couldn't have happened to Morelli the last two years.