Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is for the kid in left field that says, "Hit it to me, Jroll." FUCK YOU JIMMY. I've had some time now to sit down and ponder the statement, "I'm gonna catch some flak for this, but they are frontrunners." And it turns out, that after thinking about it, I still hate you Jimmy Rollins.

Philadelphia fans have been behind you from the start. They have done nothing but cheer you for pretty much your entire career in Philadelphia. You are an amazing shortstop. You really are. You play great defense. We have applauded you for this since you were called up in the end of 2000.

Last year, you had one of the best offensive seasons in a long time.

162 games played
139 runs
212 hits
38 doubles
20 triples
30 home runs
94 RBIs
41 steals
.296 average

Thats awesome, really awesome. We applauded you for this as well. With chants of "MVP, MVP, MVP" filling up Citizens Bank Park. You earned the MVP award. You really did. You also have been one of my favorite players on this team since you first came up. I've always sat in the stands and clapped when you came up and yelled your name.

BUT IT'S OVER. All of it is out the window. You go on TV and call the fans that have been there for the past 8 years of your career, cheering for you and the Phillies, FRONTRUNNERS? Really? You really said that? You called the fans of a team that has won ONE world series in its entire existence, FRONTRUNNERS?

I'll be the first to admit that there are a bunch of idiots in the stadium these days that don't know anything about the Phillies and don't deserve to come to a game. Personally, I don't think you should be allowed in the stadium unless you can name the starting lineup, including pitcher before the game. But you didn't call those people frontrunners. You called all of Phillies fans frontrunners. The people that have been there and followed the team and lived and died with the team from their births. And believe me, there has been a lot more dying then living.

That is below the belt. You want us to be like Cardinal fans? Encourage you when you suck. Tell you everything will be all right when you go 0 for 5 in the middle of a pennant race. Well it's not fucking all right. This is a pennant race you douchebag. You come off the best season of your career and you let it get to your head. You don't run out ground balls. You rarely work counts. You aren't a leader. A leader doesn't come late to a game against their most hated rival and he certainly doesn't think it's not a big deal. You don't say that you disagree with Charlie for benching you when you are an asshole and can't get to a stadium on time. Frankly, with the way you have been hitting, you should be arriving every day 4 hours early to work on your hitting. Hit the fucking ball on the ground. Drag bunt once in a while. Work the count. Show the other batters what the pitcher has. Grow up, stop swinging for the fences.

I'm at the point now, where I would rather see Eric Bruntlett playing. You disgust me that much. How are you going to call, "THE MOST PASSIONATE FANS IN BASEBALL" (from your commercial) frontrunners. A frontrunner, to me, doesn't have passion in their description. A frontrunner only shows up and cares about their team when you are in first place and out in front. How often over the past 8 years have those cheers you had come when you were in first place? Not that fucking many.

I regret every time I had ever said, "let's go JRoll" or "you're the man, Jimmy." I really do. I don't want to cheer for someone that doesn't appreciate me. I'm taking your giveaway bobble head and statue and breaking them in half. I really am. And next time I'm at the park, I'm going to boo the shit out of you. This isn't St. Louis, Jimmy. I'm not going to cheer every fucking player on the team. You have to earn my cheers. I assume we should thank So Taguchi for being the worst defensive replacement in major league history. Or how about we cheer Carlos Ruiz for grounding into a double play every single time he is up to bat?

So in conclusion, Jimmy Rollins sucks at life and should punch his own face off, and I'll never cheer for him again. I'll root for the Phillies because I have been doing it my whole life. Every year they were in last place, 5th place, third place, it didn't matter to me. I cheer for them wherever they are in the standings and have been doing it long before Jimmy got here and will be long after he leaves. YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. DEAD.