Monday, August 4, 2008

Pittsburgh Sucks

I really don't have to add anything else to this since it pretty much sums up the place, but since I am bored, what the hell.

I spent this past weekend in "the Burgh" as those goofy accented midwesterners put it. Let's just say that I am not in love with that place. It is about the fattest city I've ever seen (Ed Note: I find it hard to believe Pittsburgh people are fatter than Philadelphia, but they certainly do suck more). I felt, being of average stature, out of place. 3-4 neck rolls was the norm. Men with breasts the size of Dolly Parton. Women with legs as wide as my waist. Amazing. It was truly amazing.

You may ask "How did it smell?" The answer of course is that it was putrid. I don't know if they don't shower on the gay side of the state or what, but just about everybody in that town smelled like used gym socks and/or jockstraps. I did manage to spit on Jeannette, the home town of Terrelle Pryor. What a fag. Let's see what happens when Sean Lee comes back next year and absolutely crushes him.

Oh yeah, I got stuck in their loud dirty airport for 3 hours. Thanks Pittsburgh.


  1. Six Superbowl rings. Need I say more.

  2. 2009 - Ohio State 24, Penn State 7 = STFU