Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A random thought

It's weird how 8, count them, 8 players from Georgia were arrested in the past offseason and there is only a 20-second blurb about it on ESPN. It's very frustrating that they would single out Penn State instead of say a school that is ranked NUMBER 1 in the country or a school where half the team was suspended for cheating, Florida St., for an "Outside the Lines" episode.

Joe Paterno never hurt anybody. The guy has done nothing except build an entire university, pretty much by himself. Would anyone go to Penn State University if he didn't build one of the best college football programs in the country there? No, obviously not. The place is surrounded by nothing but farm land and mountains. There is nothing there. He, with the help of his assistant coaches, made Penn State the amazing place that it is.

Also, if 31 of your career wins come while coaching at Samford, then you probably are not actually the winningest coach in college football history. You and your program are idiots, Bobby Bowden.

Also, Mo Evans is going to most likely become the greatest defensive end ever created this year. (Ed Note: Maurice Evans was created August 14, 1988)

Also, what if D Will actually became the best recruit ever that he was supposed to be this year?

Also, Jamie Moyer starts are some of the worst events to be at in baseball history. It takes the guy three hours just to get through 5 innings most of the time. I am putting a personal ban on attending Jamie Moyer starts from now on.

Also, I want to give a shot out to the lack of traffic on the way down to the Phillies game last night. I went 70 mph down the 76 last night almost all the way to the Vine Street Expressway. It was glorious.


  1. Dead on. ive been wondering the same thing myself for some time now. i always thought that they said cheating was way worse than drinking in college. apparently its not that big a deal in florida. maybe everyone down there is to old to notice

  2. I don't really see how drinking and fights (as long as no one is seriously injured or killed) are a big deal at all. It's college. College kids do dumb things.
    Now cheating and brandishing guns and drugs and duis, those are real offenses. Not underages and fights. ESPN sucks worse every day.

  3. You need not worry about Paterno; the guys place in college football is assured. 100 years from now they'll talk about him like we do Pop Warner: a good guy who did a lot of good for the game.

    I'm no Penn State fan- but I repsect and like Paterno. He gets grief because he simply brings a very high standard of class; people expect more than the typical nonsense form him and his program. It simply comes with the territory.

    You might give Jamie Moyer a pass. He's made 64 starts since he's gotten here, won 30 of them. If you figure a major league pitcher makes 32-34 starts a seaon, that is two 15-game win season back-to-back.

    Who else in the National League can say that? I bet, since 8/06, he is in the top fifteen or so in "total wins".

  4. One more thing.

    SMQ- in my opinion the best college football blog going- has good love for PSU in his top 25