Friday, August 15, 2008

My Last Jimmy Post on This Subject

I really don't want to discuss Jimmy Rollins too much longer. Let's face the facts, there were some real things going on last night like the Eagles playing, looking pretty good and winning, and the Phils getting swept by the Dodgers, which according to Rollins is deserving of cheers.

But seeing as I only watched the first quarter and missed the Phils entirely due to my decision to go to a bar and get drunk, there's something that pissed me off even more about Jimmy. Last night on "Daily News Live," Rollins explained his comments via phone. Now thinking back on it, I can't even remember if it was live on "DNL" or an excerpt from "The Best Damn Sports Show Period," which clip is here at The700Level.

Jimmy basically says that the word frontrunner means something different to him. Come on. How stupid do you think we are, Mr. Rollins? Frontrunner, in the context you used it, has only one—I repeat, one—definition. It means fans that only show up and root for the team when they are winning, out in front. A synonym is fair-weather fan. You know this as much as the next guy. To pretend otherwise is ignorant on your part, which you have truly proven to be.

Further, after now listening to you talk on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period" again, you are even less intelligent than I thought. In the interview, you talk about how booing, this time of year, at home, in a pennant race, can negatively affect the team. It's not the appropriate time to boo, because it makes things difficult. Then, at the end of your interview, you say that the fans can boo you and it won't bother you, won't affect you because you're out there to win games. So we shouldn't boo because it affects the team but we can boo because it doesn't affect you? Make up your God damn mind you unapologetic, ungrateful "punk."

The one thing you got right, Jimmy, is that you can't be no punk in Philadelphia. Too bad you just made yourself one. It is the hardest thing to have to turn on you. You've been one of my favorite players in the city, and one of the few players ever in this town that has been unconditionally supported before this. Hell, even Mike Schmidt can't say that. Now, you threw it all away. I can't wait until you get booed back to Oakland. You betrayed us, Jimmy, and no explanation, apology (which clearly will never come) or spectacular play will ever make up for that.

As long as you are a Phillie, the fans will hope you do well on the field to help the team win, but I can guaran-damn-tee they, we, I will never, ever respect you ever again. You are a two-faced punk, and you don't deserve the fans of Philadelphia. They're too good for you. Bet you never thought you'd hear that.

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