Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Now Present: The Stupidest Man on the Face of the Earth

Both courtesy The Fightins (the second is fake, in case you weren't sure, but it's pretty funny)

This is the dumbest thing uttered about this city since Travis Lee called us low-class. I actually hope Rollins gets a career-ending injury. I will never, ever like him again. Let's hope the Phillies can win in spite of him, not because of him.

I actually respect Scott Rolen more than Rollins now, and that is a ridiculous statement that should have never been uttered. At least Rolen never dogged it, and he actually had the sense to leave when he couldn't take the heat in Philly. Rollins is just a scumbag that made his name in this city, a city that has done absolutely nothing but support the guy since he came to town, and now he's shitting all over it—not just with his statements but with his putrid, no-hustle play. After 8 years, we finally see his true colors: Jimmy Rollins is nothing more than an overconfident, prima-dona asshole who has all the gifts and talent in the world, but doesn't do jack shit to nurture his talents and get better. He does not give a fuck about anyone but himself. I will never, ever respect Jimmy Rollins again. If he died today, my only concern would be who will play shortstop tomorrow.

I hope I don't see you around town Jimmy, because rest assured, I will fucking murder you with insults until I am forcibly removed from where I am. Fuck off, Jimmy Rollins. You deserve all the bad things that will come your way. And when you hear the boos next week, just remember that you brought this entirely on yourself. Asshole.


  1. For christ's sake, John Salley and Chris Rose are the voice of reason in this. How can you be dumber than those two Jimmy? Even they think you're being a pussy.

  2. Amen. Fuck that dude. I will boo heartily when he is introduced Tuesday, whether I'm at home or the game.