Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I'm a realist. I knew, in the big scheme of things, the outcome of last night's Bears-Packers game had no real bearing on the Eagles. Tampa Bay is not losing to the Raiders at home. Just not happening.

So really, I was watching the game just to be entertained. There weren't any real emotions involved … until the game ended thanks to this jerkoff:

No. NO. NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!!! Damn you Green Bay. Damn you Mason Crosby. You could have prevented this.

I hate Robbie Gould. I hate him so very much. Every time I see him make a game-winning kick (Did you know he leads the NFL with 5 game-winners this year?), I want to claw my eyes out. Iowa 6, Penn State 4. A missed 25-yard field goal by Robbie Gould, one of many, many horrible misses during his horrific career at Penn State. And I was there to see most of them.

The more I see of him, the more I hate his guts. I'll go so far as to say that Robbie Gould is my least favorite player to ever play at Penn State, and quite possibly my least favorite player of all time. In any sport. I hate you Robbie Gould. I hate you.

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