Thursday, November 13, 2008

what is this, college football?

the things that i think at this point are that there should not be a college football playoff. there should never be a college football playoff. and if you want a college football playoff, go to DII. i hate hearing the whining every season about someone getting the shaft or we need a playoff. even bobama is calling for it. what is the deal?

if you don't want to miss out on the national championship game, don't lose. how's that for a playoff?

so if you're texas, stop crying, make a stop when it counts, catch an easy interception, bring limas sweed back again. whatever it takes. but don't whine about a playoff.

and if you're mark sanchez of usc, wipe that smile off your face because you blew the season losing to a terrible oregon state team that has 1/5 of the 5-star recruits on its roster.

and oklahoma, you can't do enough butterfly stretches to grow a defense in time to stop anyone, let alone, hmmm, an offense?

hey urban, you can make out with as many reporters as you'd like, it's not gonna get you your so largely-desired playoff system. how bout you mix in a win against ole miss. or you'll ole miss out on the bcs championship (thank you very much people).

and last but not least, i've never been so ashamed to be a penn state alum since robbie gould landed a job in the nfl. iowa? it's not heaven, it's iowa? are you umpin cereal? no one wanted you in the championship game in the first place and this is how you prove them differently? unbelieberthal.

all i'm saying is that if you blow your chance against the likes of the ole misses, or the iowas or the oregon states, then you don't deserve a chance to redeem yourself in a playoff. college football is, has always been, and should forever be, about being perfect. mountain west, i'm not talking to you, play someone.

i'm tired of the nonsense. put the debate to rest people, this is beautiful football, so why screw it up?

and while we're on the subject of keeping things pure and the way they were, how bout buster olney shuts his mouth about any neutral site for the world series. i know his rays got their pants beaten off but don't go shifting the blame on the weather. (i'll give verducci a pass since we were practically classmates).

welcome back, arkansas fred

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  1. speaking of arkansas fred, i may have received a certain phone call from a certain someone.