Monday, July 14, 2008

Andre 2008

All right, the rumors of Andre Iguodala's wooing (and potential flight?) can be found here, here, here and all over the damn place.

The story goes something like this: The Clips are pissed Brand left and now seek revenge in stealing Iggy. Or something like that.

Actually, with Brand out of the mix, and Josh Smith likely returning to Atlanta, maybe, Andre is high on potential suitors lists. However, the Sixers' new golden God says Iggy is staying put. Of course, this is coming from Brand's mouth, and if what Mike Dunleavy is saying is true, we should take it with a grain of salt.

Two things are perfectly clear here: 1) Power forwards who go to Duke are liars; and 2) Duke should be destroyed for the good of the world.

Also, let's be honest here, the Sixers signed Brand to become contenders in the very near future. That includes keeping Iguodala, no matter how you slice it. While Iggy is certainly not a top tier 2 guard in the NBA, he's still a very good one that can shoot at times, get to the hoop whenever he wants, provide highlight-reel dunks and defend. He's a key cog in what the Sixers are doing, and they have the right to match any offer. I expect them to do just that.

But if they don't, at least I can keep calling Elton Brand a liar. I love calling Duke players liars.

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