Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sign This Man

A friend of mine, let's just say, has an inside track on things the Sixers may or may not be doing, and he recently confirmed that Eddie Stefanski and company are prepared to offer Atlanta Hawks restricted free agent Josh Smith a pretty hefty contract.

My reaction? FUCK and YES! While Elton Brand is a much more polished product, he's damaged goods coming off a major injury, not to mention six years older than Smith. Going after this freak of nature from Atlanta makes perfect sense.

First off, Smith is incredibly young, a great fit for a young and upcoming team. He, like the Sixers this year, got to the playoffs, gaining that valuable experience, taking the eventual champion Celtics to the brink. The man can run the floor and knows how to finish. He can play an up-tempo game, and while a bit of a roaming freelancer on both ends of the court, he has the tools to be dominant on both ends.

Oh yea, and he can do this:

Granted, the Hawks can match any offer the Sixers make, so there is a very real possibility Smith won't be in a Sixers uniform. But man, it would be sweet!


  1. Who's your inside source on this one Rev...the Philly Inquirer? The more and more I think about it the more I agree with you though, signing Smith would be great. He's not even 23 and has improved each of his 4 seasons, no reason to think that'll change (except for the fact he'll have >65 million dollars guaranteed). Still, I'm cool with signing him, but it will create an issue with Iggy because he definitely won't receive as large an offer and may consider it an insult.

  2. Not the Inquirer. Works close to the team.

  3. Shit, he would be a damn good fit in your city, brother. Gotta admit you're dead-on here.