Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's a damn good thing for Jimmy Rollins that the Phillies didn't lose and he hit an RBI triple last night, because I was ready to unload on the reigning MVP for absolutely sucking this year.

Luckily for him, Clay Condrey stepped up and pitched brilliantly in the 8th, striking out the side, to give the Phils a chance to win. Then Ryan Howard did what Ryan Howard does, hitting a blast to give the Phils the lead. And Pete Happy followed to add an insurance run, which was more than enough for LIdge. Finally, the Phils won a game.

Can we all just lay off Howard already? I mean, the guy has 80 RBIs, a Phillies record before the All Star break, and is now tied with Chase for the MLB lead in home runs with 25. Yeah, he strikes out way too much and his batting average is horrible, but the man is still producing runs. The real people everyone should be blasting are Rollins, Victorino, Ruiz and whoever plays right field. They've been garbage the last month or so.

On a brighter note, everyone head over to and vote for Burrell. That is way more important than working.


  1. i couldn't agree with you more on howard. the guys on a tear lately. with 2 more homeruns today (and now 83 rbi's) he has a 13 game hitting streak and he leads the league in homers while creeping back to that .250 mark.

  2. Yeah, the man is on a tear. Now if jimmy could just wake up from his extended slumber ...