Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Revolution That Was J-Will

For all the hype and fanfare bestowed upon the former Phoenix Suns for starting an aesthetic basketball revolution, everyone seems to forget this all really began with the Sacramento Kings—myself included.

That was, until Skeets brought up the subject of the only true Jason Williams, that of the elbow pass.

For all the joy the Nash-era Suns brought the world, I'll take the J-Will, Peja, C-Webb, Vlade Kings over them any day of the week. And as sad as it was to see J-Will and Webber disband, Bibby picked up where J-Will left off, if not nearly as spectacular, and unlike the Suns, the Kings came ever-so-close to actually winning the whole damn thing. Except they didn't.

Either way, while I thoroughly enjoyed Nash and the Suns, I absolutely love(d) the flawed, spectacular game of the West Virginian white boy who found his way to Florida, then Sactown, then an NBA title in Miami.

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