Thursday, July 24, 2008

"They Hate Me So Much"

So, after the Phillies lost last night, I flipped over to "Baseball Tonight" and was immediately forced to watch this terrible interview by a woman I'd rather see naked than hear chat sports.

Now, I have a few questions here. The first one, can someone help me out here? Did Billy Wagner actually say about the Phillies, "They HATE me so much … they're hoping they can face me."? Or did he say "They HIT me so much …" At first listen, I thought I heard HATE but that it actually meant HIT in West Virginian speak. They are hillbillies after all. But after watching it a few times on DVR, I'm pretty certain he said HATE. It's not often you hear an athlete openly admit another team completely hates him. Pat Burrell agrees.

Second, what the fuck is the matter with Erin Andrews here? The Phillies were all clamoring during BP about whether or not Wags was going to pitch? I bet. The Phils have had their share of success against their former teammate, in case you've forgotten Erin.

I'm sure they were trembling and couldn't sleep the night before wondering if Billy would pitch. What a crock of shit. Seriously, that's why women shouldn't have anything to do with sports except dress up in skimpy outfits with pom-poms.


  1. I think we all know why she's on TV...and I'm alright with it. She can ask all the dumb questions it still beats watching Dei Lynam.

  2. Somewhere, Nate Heckenberger is sayin, "Dei Lynam is hot. I'd kiss her on the mouth."