Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Josh Childress Lika Da Juice

In all my basking in the Phils win last night, I didn't think anything else would be worth writing about, that was until I went on over to SLAM and found this.

Looks like old Standford fro actually showed some balls and did it. A la Brandon Jennings, Josh Childress will be playing pro ball in Europe this upcoming season. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

… Childress is no longer a Hawk. He said he agreed to terms Wednesday morning on a three-year contract with Olympiakos of Greece that is worth far more than $20 million initially reported.

"It's official, I just signed," Childress said by phone Wednesday morning from Athens, where he and agent Jim Tanner will be until Friday. "I think it was . . . a situation where I didn't know who to expect coming in, coming over to Athens. But it's a great city and a great organization. They do whatever they can to make you feel at home."

While my initial feelings were this is no big deal, maybe I'm wrong. With Childress getting such huge bucks, this could lead to more non-superstars heading overseas if the money is right. Either way, I won't miss Josh. I hate Stanford.

Anyway, he'll be playing in Greece. No word on whether the "Lika Da Juice" guys from Saturday Night Live will be there.

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  1. This is definitely an alarming trend, and you can look at it as ridding the league of some money-first b-level guys who will only perform in contract years...or you can look at it as a further dilution of talent in the NBA.

    Either way, Childress is going to find out just how much fun you can have with 20 mil in greece. More power to him.