Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A few thoughts on my current baseball outlook

Come on Fat Joe, come on Fat Brett, come on Old J...we need some pitching this series. Come on J "slowing his" Roll, Chase, Ry and Pat, we need the bats going TOGETHER like they haven't all season.

All the cockaroaches far and wide have come completely out of their hiding spots they were so firmly entrenched in but a month ago. We're the ones who started that 10 game streak for them. Lets go up to Shea, swing some bats, hit them in the mouth, and put the scum where they belong.

Set the tone for the second half of the season. Remind me why I believed in this team from the beginning, flaws and all. Win this fucking series.

Normally you hate a team because of what they do on the field, then hate their fans because of how they react. With the Mets, I hate their fans, and then hate their team because they play for Mets fans. That just hints at the level of douchebaggery surely abounding at Shea(t) tonight and over the next couple days.

Fuck the Mets and their mongoloid fans, I hope Fat Joe Blanton hits Santana in the face tonight.

Lets go Phils by the way.


  1. How about that 9th? Feels like last September again...I just wish Silly Billy Wagner could've been the one getting punked.

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  3. What I meant to say was that I believe I noticed David Wright giving Jayson Werth a cock-tap when he got to 3rd (before Taguchi's double). I think uncle jelly's on to something questioning the sexual orientation of the Mets and their fans...

  4. I wish it was billy too but for now I will be happy he didn't pitch...that sure was a turn of events.

    I did notice that dome tap by the way.

    So Taguchi, nice time to get a hit for once. Seriously, great freakin timing.