Monday, July 21, 2008

Childress to Greece?

This just seems stupid. Josh Childress, a restricted free agent who is of actual interest to teams in the NBA, is considering taking a big contract in Greece. Maybe I'm just overly patriotic on this one, but why would a player who is born and bred in the States want to leave the varsity for the jv?

I guess the logical answer is money, but really, Childress is not exactly starving over here, and he'd be forced to leave Atlanta or any other U.S. city to be surrounded by Greeks. Sounds suspect to me. Maybe John Stamos is involved.

I will say, though, that losing Childress to Greece would be no big loss. While Josh is a good player that does a lot of things, he's from Standford, which makes him a snob, and his jump shot is completely atrocious looking. Even when it goes in.

This is more like it:

I say, good riddance Josh Childress. You and your rich-kid afro should enjoy yourself in Europe. Standford is the Duke of the West, and any time we can rid the country of Duke or Standford people, things are headed in the right direction (no offense Elton). Although, I seriously doubt you'll actually do it.


  1. I've got to respectfully disagree here with the Rev. Losing Childress to a Euroleage IS a big deal, no more or less so than Jennings' move in that it sets a precedent for future players to do the same. And from Childress' angle, if I had the choice of getting paid 7 million plus (he gets his taxes covered over there too) or 4.8 million to play basketball next season, I know which one I'd choose. It's not a matter of turning his back on his country so much as turning his back on over 2 million dollars. He's not going to get anybody's midlevel exception with the restricted tag and with the Hawks jerking around him and Josh Smith, how much longer does he want to go without getting some financial security and get back to playing/practicing for the upcoming season?

    Of course, the Hawks retain his rights even if he were to come back stateside after any of the next few seasons. While this is most likely a ploy by his agent to drum up public motivation for the Hawks to get in gear with their contract negotiations I still think it would be HUGE if it went down and is at the very least an interesting and fiscally intelligent option for Childress to consider.

  2. Lets just hope 20+ million isn't thrown Lou Williams way.

  3. I agree it could be a big deal, but only if it becomes the norm. Childress is a good player, but it's not like he's an all-star doing this. Hopefully he won't go anyway because as Shoals pointed out, it could cost him money down the road if things don't exactly work out in Europe.

  4. And losing Lou Will be rough. He's the most explosive bench player. Luckily, it only seems like Golden State is after him, and they don't have much cap space. The Sixers should be able to ink him and Iggy no problem.
    Then watch out.