Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coming Back to Philly

And no, I'm not talking about Eric Desjardins, who I hope doesn't pass along his terrible trait of absolutely sucking in the playoffs (see: turning the puck over in his own zone) onto the young defensemen the Fly Guys are relying on.

No, I'm talking about Myers, Brett Myers.

You all remember Brett don't you? He was that guy that inexplicably got the opening day start ahead of the team's ace, Cole Hamels. The one that took one for the team last year, taking over the closer spot the Phils so desperately needed to solidify, which in turn helped the Phils make the playoffs for the first time since 1993. The guy that was forced to move back to the starting rotation and punished? by getting the opening day start. The one that then decided he hated starting after being a "rock star" in the bullpen, so he pitched like a little girl en route to a 3-9 record and 5.84 ERA in 17 starts so far this season. The one that's getting paid some $8.5 million this season to play in the minors.

Remember him? He's back to "help" the Phils make another run to the playoffs. At least, that's the plan. My only hope is this means Adam Eaton, the most worthless pitcher in all the land, takes Myers' place on the IronPigs roster. If another starter is needed, call up that Happ fellow who, oh by the way, pitched way better in his two starts this year than either of these two wastes of money.

If Myers can't get back on the track and embrace his role as a starter, it's going to get ugly. Like Pat Burrell at his worst ugly. Only uglier. Because for all the struggles Burrell had up until the second half of last year, the man never once complained about his situation or the fans. Myers, on the other hand, has been whining like a baby about leaving the bullpen. Let's hope his fat ass got humbled in Lehigh Valley.

If not, you become public enemy No. 1 (or 2 if Eaton stays around).

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