Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here We Go Again

Another Philadelphia Eagle that is unhappy with his contract has fired their agent and signed Drew Rosenhaus to represent them. Lito Sheppard who has been unhappy with his contract for some time and his playing time is being questioned with the arrival of pro-bowler Asante Samuels, hired Rosenhaus as his agent. I certainly do not expect any escapades from Lito that occurred with Terrell Owens, but it still leaves me wary of what will happen with Lito. I personally would love nothing more then to keep him, Sheldon, and Asante in the defensive backfield for the next year. With those three healthy and playing, they can shut down any wide receiver corp in football.

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  1. What a stupid post. We're writing stories about people changing agents now?
    I bet you like Duke.