Thursday, July 31, 2008

Phillies @ Nationals-PART DUEX

For day two of my two-day trip to DC, I started the day by walking around our nation’s capitol. It was there that I saw the masses of Phillies red taking over the streets. Everywhere I turned there were more Phillies shirts, jerseys and hats then there were business suits walking downtown. Even in the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery, a man on a bus pulled his shirt away from his chest thrusting the word PHILLIES toward me, as I gave him the point.

But as for the stadium, we sat down the third base line so we could get a view of the scoreboard this time and it was a nice scoreboard. Great scoreboard in fact, with a huge HD screen. But that’s probably all I can say nice about that stadium. Granted it’s a new stadium, but there was nothing unique about it. Since we arrived two hours early, I had time to walk around the stadium and take in the sights. It was new, yes. But nothing stood out about it. It was just a stadium. I even chatted with a notable journalist from the area, who was at the game. He had the same impression that I had, “I’m not impressed, there’s nothing to it.” While the food was decent, ranging from chili dogs to pizza, to tacos, my brother tried ordering a crab cake sandwich from the menu, and they were out of it. Also, my neighbor ordered a specialty of pulled pork with potato salad and baked beans, and they were out of baked beans. Very disappointing.

The game itself was not as rowdy a crowd as the night before. A few Nationals fans tried cheering, but the Phillies pounded out 8 runs to shut them down, thanks mainly to a Pat Burrell two-run single in the first and a Chase Utley home run. Jamie Moyer pitched decent, giving up only three runs, and Brad Lidge turned the lights out on the stadium again, as usual. It’s nice to see this team beating a team it should beat. Maybe this was the wake-up the offense needed to stay on track for the rest of the season.

Notes: Cole Hamels highlights his hair. That’s gay. Rudy Seanez looks like he might die any minute in person. Brad Lidge could beat anyone I know in a race. Jimmy decided to jog out another ground ball, so that whole thing from yesterday where he ran one out is out the window. Pat Burrell is a better defender then his defensive replacements.

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