Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another Basketball Post

With the Phillies officially dropping like Tommy Lasorda at the 2001 All Star game, today has been a basketball kind of day … and I'm not just talking about Elton Brand landing in Philly.

Via The Sporting Blog, Brandon Jennings has decided to forgo his freshman season at Arizona, instead opting to play professionally overseas next season. This is fucking awesome. Finally, someone is standing up to the evil alliance between David Stern and the NCAA. And that man sported a flat-top at the McDonald's game.

Why should Jennings, a player that would have been a lottery pick this season without question, have to wait to get paid? He's done high school, and this ain't football. 18 year olds can and have perform against older players at this level. Hopefully, Jennings will open the floodgates. As much as I love college basketball, Stern and the NCAA will be forced to take another look at this one-and-done rule for real now, especially if Jennings succeeds.

Now, the article on The Sporting News' Web site doesn't disclose who Jennings will play for, but the man will get paid. I applaud him greatly, and Brandon Jennings officially enters the realm of House That Glanville Built favorite. Hopefully the NCAA and Stern will drop the stupid one year rule, and allow both the college game and NBA to not become mockeries. After all, Lebron, Kobe, KG, you know, the best players in the game, came right out of high school. If you're good enough, you should have that option—like Jennings.

Plus, the man is a magician on the court.

The only thing I don't like about this is now we all have to wait an entire year to watch Brandon on the national scene. Enjoy him while you can Europe, he won't be there long.

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  1. Nice Hoops knowledge Rev. I too am on the fence about Brand, and not because I think Josh Smith is a better player (although it does seem like he's the type of player who wants to be great and will work for it) but b/c of Brand's twice ruptured achilles. If he stays intact for the next 5 years we're getting one of only 5 (via ESPN: Duncan, Malone, Garnett, Shaq and Brand) guys with career 20 and 10 numbers.

    This was quite a bold move for Stefanski to essentially tie his career to Brand. But either way, he's quickly making this "his" team, and if he can trade Reggie Evans/Willie Green/anybody outside of the top 7 for a shooter then this team's a real paper dragon and the ball is fully in Mo's court.

    And Jennings, gosh damn what I would give to have him on the Sixers in '09...good for him and great for anybody who wants to see bball improve.