Thursday, July 24, 2008

Schiano Next at Penn State?

If the insinuations here by The Wizard of Odds have any validity, then as a Penn State grad, I say FUCK and YES!

Schiano is exactly what Penn State needs when JoePa steps down, which could be as early as 2009, seeing as the dickhead Penn State brass refuses to negotiate with the man. Anyway, I'm not going to get too excited, but at least my dream of Greg Schiano coming back to Penn State is still alive.


  1. We may all like Schiano as our next head coach, but will it happen? I know he turned down some high profile jobs and all to stay at Rutgers. He may want to come to psu, we may want him to come here and even g. spanier may want him, but you have to believe that they will keep someone from the current staff at least in the beginnig. joe pa has some sway. as long as its not Jay!!! and they keep lj sr we will be set

  2. A man can always dream sir, a man can always dream