Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh So Sweet!

Welcome to the season So Taguchi. It only took you 100 games, but boy are we glad you arrived. You sure do know how to make a grand entrance. I guess you were just being fashionably late.

Heading into the game, Mr. Taguchi was an impressive 0-for-16 as a pinch hitter, but that certainly didn't stop Uncle Charlie Jimmy Williams from putting the Asian sensation in at a critical point in the game. And it turns out Mr. Manuel Mr. Williams had some very good reasons to bring in So, even though he's been less than stellar this season to say the least.

When he stepped to plate with the bases loaded, a staggering statistic flashed before my eyes: So Taguchi was 20-for-40 with the bases loaded in his career, a .500 hitter. Holy balls! Just when you thought So couldn't do anything worse, he goes and does something like this … and totally redeems himself!

I will speak no more ill words about So Taguchi. For now. That was without question the greatest inning, no game, no night of the season. After Joe Blanton looked rather pedestrian in his first start, giving up five runs and two homers, it looked as though hope was lost. Johan was dealing, and the Phils were sputtered.

Until … what seemed like a meaningless home run at the time (Johan was on the mound after all) by Shane Victorino helped bring the Phils closer, and then the game went into the hands of the Mets' bullpen minus our old pal Billy Wagner.

We all know what happened next, and if you missed it: a) you suck; and b) here it is.

Apparently someone told Jose Reyes and the Mets it was September. They tend to play that way in the final month, or so I've heard. What a freakin awesome game. And how great was it watching the Phils fans celebrate and those New Yorkers sulk? Now I will spend the remainder of the day talking shit to my boss who is one of those scum of the earth Mets fans.


  1. Just a clarification there Rev...Uncle Charlie had been ejected earlier in the game. It was Jimmy Will who made the call to switch from Jenkins to So as the pinch-hitter. Still an awesome and much-needed win any way you cut it.

  2. Very good point. I got so excited I forgot the old man got ejected.