Monday, October 13, 2008

Brett Myers Hits, Penn State Rolls, Juqua Parker Runs and Jamie Moyer Stinks

You know what? It's Monday, I barely got any sleep this weekend and I really don't feel like writing shit for shit. So basically, I'll sum up my weekend in a few short lines.

Brett Myers hits gooder than Ryan Howard.

Shane Victorino plays some D and the Phils win, go up 2-0.

Saturday, I attended the football game between Muhlenberg College and Juniata up in Allentown, and the Mules absolutely kicked some ass. While the game may not be all that interesting in the eyes of many, going to Division 3 games is all sorts of fun because it's still very good football, and there are no TV timeouts.

After a quick nap at my parents' house, I watched as the Flyers got destroyed in the first period, going down 4-0 and resulting in the benching of Marty Biron, only to dominate the next two periods (from the little I saw) and lose 4-3.

Antero Niittymaki played pretty awesome.

I didn't see much of the Flyers past the early debacle because I was watching Penn State, my alma mater, rise to No. 3 in the country by absolutely spanking Wisconsin. Tough game my ass.

And yesterday, well, that was a dumb day. Can we please not trot out David Akers for any kicks past 40 yards anymore? Please? I mean, I know it wasn't his fault that thing got blocked, after all, no one decided to block any 49ers on the play, but did anyone think he would actually make it? No.

Still, the Eagles won, thanks in large part to the defense, who forced 3 turnovers including Juqua Parker's interception return for the touchdown.

Nice win … against the Niners.

Um, and about that game last night, Jamie Moyer stinks. See you later.

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