Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Links to Glory?

Not sure if you've all heard or not, but the Phillies will be picking up where they left off in game 5 tonight, so, yeah, that's all that really matters. But here's some links just for the hell of it.

-Bitch and moan all you'd like, but the Phils still have the edge.

-The Sixers open their season tonight against the Raptors at the Wachovia Center, with just 11 men dressed because Royal Ivey is serving the last two games of his three-game suspension from last season.

-Steve Downie got beat up and in the process got bit.

-Talk about a dirty hit.

-Scott Eyre may have said: "That fucking guy. I wouldn't let him supervise one of my shits." in referring to Bud Selig. Either way, some Phillie did.

-Greg Oden got injured again.

-Roy Williams dresses up as Tatum Bell for Halloween.

-Texans WR David Anderson pulls a Conan.

-Simon Gagne earns the Puck Daddy Star No. 1.

-A Cubs fan in Philly is feeling blue.

-Lute Olson's ousting causes Arizona to lose three prized recruits.

-Jim McMahon's dad is not happy with BYU.

-Jimmy Rollins says CC will be a Yankee in 2009. So did I. In spring training.

-Turn that Ohio State hatred to Texas.

-Speaking of Ohio State, the Buckeyes were flagged exactly 0 times for holding Saturday. This isn't holding?

-Chamomiles Davis wants you to Believe. Just Believe.:

We among the faithful have been led by conniving outsiders to believe that this drought is somehow our doing, that it’s our fault. Bullshit. And tonight will prove them all wrong.

Believe. Go Phils.

Tonight. Tonight.

LET'S GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!

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