Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TBL Likes Sixers, but Says They Have Thin Bench

Now, it has been well documented that The Big Lead often seems to lack any actual sports knowledge. TBL's assessment of the 76ers bench is more proof of that:

The bench is a bit thin. If there’s a reason to lower expectations a bit, it is because outside of 35-year-old Donyell Marshall, streaky Kareem Rush and a couple of young kids, reserves are where the Pistons and Celtics have a decided advantage on the 76ers.

I mean, really? The bench is thin? Um, yeah, if you don't like having a reliable scorer in Willie Green, an even better, explosive scorer in Louis Williams, a three-point threat in Kareem Rush, a defensive stopper in Royal Ivey, a shot blocker in Theo Ratliff, a rugged, hard-working rebounder and defender in Reggie Evans, a big man that can stretch a defense in Donyell Marshall and a young power forward that has the potential to be Brand-like player in Marreese Speights, then yeah, I guess the freakin bench is thin.

Are you serious? This is the deepest bench the Sixers have had in decades, not to mention one of the deepest benches in the NBA. There are legitimately eight players that can give you quality minutes on any given night. In fact, there's so much depth, someone isn't going to make the team. Stick to interviewing sportswriters and doling out excellent links, TBL. Leave the sports analysis to people that actually watch sports.

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