Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cole and Bowa Prefer Philadelphians to Los Angeles Fans

Talk about lazy. I've been poaching the Internets all week, but what can I say? I wrote a long piece Monday and haven't had too much time or thoughts to come up with anything big, though I'm working on it.

So I'm keeping with the poaching theme, this time getting in on 'Duk's discovery that both Cole Hamels and Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa prefer Phillies fans to Dodgers fans.

First, Cole:

"On the West Coast, I think when I went to the games we arrived at the 3rd inning and left by the 8th. You didn't really know. You had to wake up the next morning to see if the team won, versus the East Coast they're here. They'll be after the game cheering you on. I think that's been great for what I've experienced and great for a player. And that's something you want to play in front of.

"Also, I think the West Coast, it's more of a business adventure when you take somebody to a game. You're almost trying to break the next business deal or something and in the East Coast, it's everybody is wearing jerseys versus a suit and tie and everybody are eating the hot dogs and everything.

"So it's just something where I love the West Coast, don't get me wrong. I hope they don't kill me now (smiling). They're never going to invite me back. It's just something that the East Coast, they're more passionate and more involved and I think that just brings the love of the game a little bit more."

You're true, man. You're true.

And Bowa:

Q. You spent some time here in a number of different remakes of yourself. How would you describe Philly, Philly fans? What do you think of when you think of this place in terms of this?

LARRY BOWA: They're very boisterous. I think they love their sports teams. They let you know when you're not doing well, but they also let you know when you're doing things right.

And I know that Jimmy said something earlier in the year, we talked about it. The one thing they're not is front-runners; they come out. They come out and support their team. Watching the playoffs against Milwaukee, it was quite a sight. And I told our guys if they thought Chicago was bad, they're in for a rude awakening, because it's not even close.

Maybe because we sort of took Chicago out of it early. But it was like — it's like a West Coast crowd in Chicago really.

Q. You don't like Dodgers crowds?

LARRY BOWA: I like loud crowds from the first pitch to the last.

Q. You think Dodgers crowds are laid back?

LARRY BOWA: No, I think they were electric our last game. But I've seen them during the season where they're laid back.

Q. One game is when they were loud?

LARRY BOWA: They were real loud. That's the loudest I've seen them all year.

You tell that sandbagging son of bitch Jimmy that we ain't no front-runners.

While Cole may just be saying this to be politically correct toward the fans that help him cash his paychecks, Bowa has every reason to be more diplomatic. But he wasn't. Because we sure as shit care about sports a hell of lot more than those nancy West Coasters.

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