Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pacman Suspended Again, Cowboys Add Another Roy Williams

With Tony Romo and Felix Jones hurt, T.O. doing what T.O. does and Greg Ellis questioning the team, the Cowboys sure could use some good news.

Thankfully, they aren't getting any. So allow me to kick those scumbags while they're down. Today, Roger Goodell suspended Adam Pacman Jones indefinitely.

Looks like Pacman … err … Adam fuck it, Pacman will have plenty of time to revive his wrestling career and make it rain.

: FUCK! SHIT! FUCK! COCK! The freakin Cowboys traded for Roy Williams, and not the sucky, shitty one they already have.

Although, Roy Williams has had a pretty shitty season. But that was in Detroit. Now he's in Dallas. With Terrell Owens. And Jason Witten. And Marion Barber. And once they're both healthy, Felix Jones and Tony Romo. Fuck me.

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