Monday, October 20, 2008

A Haiku for the (Devil) Rays

Shitty for Ten Years
Lose World Series in Six Games
Shitty for Ten More

-Forgive me if that's not a real Haiku, but that's how I feel. Fuck Tampa Bay, and St. Petersburg too because that's where the stadium is. Or are they the same place? Who knows or even cares? And why must a 'city' and their 'team' who are occasionally supported by 'fans' stand in the way of our squad and a championship?

That's what pisses me off. Don't get me wrong, I'm psyched that Douche Sox Nation does not get to be a part of this Fall Classic, but at least they are hateable. Tampa Bay fans aren't hateable because they don't exist. Most of the base down there is just realizing that their team didn't lose 95 games again.

This series is extremely even on paper. I give a slight edge to the Phils' pen, a nod to the Rays' rotation, and call it about even through the lineup and defense. Intangibles, if something that isn't tangible can be rated, go to the Phils. I assume Maddon is a good manager, we'll see if he can manage the NL style game well enough in crunch time in the 3 games in Philly.

Wednesday night can't come soon enough, let's get this thing started. Colbert Hamels will show us the way, people.


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