Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Links Upside Your Head

-Les Bowen had a nice article on the Eagles failures yesterday and called out Donovan today.

-Great story by Jayson Stark over at the four-letter word on Pat Burrell and Jimmy Rollins.

-Jack the K rips Andy Reid a new asshole over at Deuce of Davenport.

-And Don McKee takes Andy to task as well.

-The700Level has Phillies Fever.

-Reggie Bush was sick last night, but the hits were even sicker.

Honestly, those two teams last night stink. Drew Brees is all sorts of good, but his receivers suck. Horribly. And Reggie tried to get them to win with two punt returns for touchdowns and almost sprung a third, but Minny's D won the game with turnovers. Seriously, the Eagles suck, but they may be the fourth or fifth best team in the NFC behind all three NFC East teams and maybe the Bears. Seriously, the other three divisions in the NFC are HORRIBLE.

-Chris Cooley was impressed with Eagles fans' arms.

-Joe Paterno discusses his leg issues.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno on his injury

-SLAM ranks Allen Iverson at No. 18 in its players rankings. Clearly, he should be in the top 15, if not the top 10.

-Chris Chase at Shutdown Corner wonders why Westbrook carried the ball at the goal line with broken ribs. Good question.

-Peter King named Brian Dawkins his Good Guy of the Week thanks to NOIS.

-romanwarhelmet, so distraught by the Mets, compares the chokers to the Germans in WWII.

-Brandon Jennings is the man.

-Is Philadelphia a football town or a baseball town? Paul Hagen says it's both. I can't say I disagree.

-I haven't exactly been John Stevens' biggest supporter (quite the opposite, in fact), but Sam Carchidi has a good article on the man who helped get the Flyers to the Easter Conference Finals.

-Ryan Parent may need surgery.

-Oh yeah, Aaron McKie is back on the Sixers coaching staff in case you haven't heard.

-Lions WR Roy Williams may be on the trading block.

-KG NBA 2k9 commercials via You Been Blinded with an Iguodala shout-out in the second one.

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