Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Trip to Boston

Well I made a trip to Boston this past weekend and have just arrived back. So I will tell you the story of my trip to Boston. Before I start, let me first say that DJ Gallo is not very funny. Thank you. Also, the Detroit Lions should be eliminated. What a pathetic team of idiots. Fock you for trading Roy Williams to them. Are you even allowed to have two Roy Williams on a team? Is that even legal?

So this was my trip to Boston. I left Friday. I got there at 4. I watched the Phillies pound the Dodgers. I played Lavar's Love Child's(LLC) Xbox360 and got ready for Saturday. Saturday, I woke up sick, took the T to a CVS, and found Cheers. They did not have the same shirt I had when I was 11 that I was going to buy and I was not happy about it. Went back to LLC's played Xbox and watched football and then went to "The Greatest Bar" in downtown Boston.

This bar had a few floors rented out by the local Penn State Alumni Association members for the game. They do that every weekend for the Penn State game. It was full of PSU fans wearing blue and white. I estimate at least 130 Nittany Lions fans, including a girl that my old roommate used to sleep with, whom is quite attractive, which led to some awkward conversations. Penn State took a dump on Wisconsin and is leading people around the country to wonder, "Is Penn State good?" Yes, yes they are. Derrick Williams and his gigantic head are bowling over people and the jerks of Michigan are next. Penn State won, we all drank, we went to bed. Sunday, I woke up, went to IHOP, played Xbox, and watched the Eagles game at Champions Bar.

The bar had a great setup with every game on and a list under every tv of which game was going to be played on that television. There was an entire section for the Eagles fans, which we did not sit in due to an error on LLC's part. We did however sit in a section with a loud, heavy-set African American fellow, who was probably one of the top 5 people I have ever encountered. This man was watching about 5 games at once and rooting for every team playing. He held conversations with everyone in the room and I wish him the best in life. A great man. Champions had great clam chowder and the worst nachos I have EVER eaten in my life. Do NOT BUY NACHOS from that bar. You will just get sick. Either way, the Eagles won, then we sprinted back to LLC's aptartment for the Phillies game. They lost. It dampened my mood.

Monday came and I woke up and played some XBOX(college football to be exact). At ten o'clock we met two of my old roommates from college and went to breakfast. Three of us, Buckfutter, LLC and myself, wore our Phillies shirts with pride that day. We went to downtown Boston and did some site-seeing and made our way towards Fenway. We walked around the park and got a feel of the "Redsox Nation" and went into Cask and Flanigans, the number 2 voted sport's bar by ESPN. Here is my take on "Redsox Nation" and Cask and Flanigans. They both stink and are wayyyyyyyyyy overrated. If it wasn't for the attractive waitress, I would have peed in the corner of the bar. We left about an hour before game time and went back to play some Xbox, watch Jeopardy, and watch the Phillies. (It is necessary to know that LLC is probably the greatest at home Jeopardy player of our generation.) The Phillies won. Matt Stairs is cool. Shane, everything I ever thought about you, I am sorry. I am so sorry. My bad, dawg.

I went to bed and drove home. That was the trip and here are some more random thoughts from the weekend. Boston is the worst city I have been in to drive around. It would help if every time you drove into the city, you were not forced to pay a toll. There were no street signs on some of the streets and roads went in every directions. It made no sense. Piss poor at best. I woke up Saturday and found an Expedition had parked ON my bumper. Not near, but ON. Fuck that guy. LLC needs to key his car tonight. Tim McCarver is not my kind of guy. I tried to like him because of Lefty. I really did. But it is just not possible. Just cause I am wearing a Phillies or Eagles shirt, does not mean I want everyone to talk to me on the subway. Manny is a piece of trash. Take your overreactions and dreads and stick them straight up your candy ass. It is nice to see how baseball is a team sport and one man can not win every game for you. Thank you Phillies for proving that point. I like sandwiches. I have been smiling since 12 o'clock last night and show no signs of stopping.

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  1. I was in Boston too this weekend, sorry I forgot you said you were going up.

    It was a treat watching Game 2 of the ALCS up there though, huh? Just wish I could've gone to yesterday's game at Fenway...