Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Random Thought or Two

It has dawned on me that with a little luck and a Phillies NLCS win, we have the potential for all 4 sports teams to be playing meaningful regular season or postseason games at the same time. That is some exciting stuff.

The Phillies have to win this series. The Phils and Dodgers split the season series 4 games apiece with the home team winning every game. Thank God for home field advantage for the Phils. But anyway, the Phillies must win this series because I could think of nothing in the world worse then the potential for another fucking LA-Boston championship series. I am sick of these two places. Absolutely sick of them.

With that being said, I am going to Boston (why? cause I'm dumb) on Friday morning for a meeting of the minds with LaVar's Love Child. I plan on doing nothing but watching Philadelphia sports on tv and spitting on lots of buildings and monuments. I know Asian food will be on the menu in his household as well with his penchant for Far Eastern dinning. Plans also may include possibly destroying Paul Pierce, paving the way for a Sixers NBA finals run.

I take a moment to remember the only person from the New England area that I did not have a problem with, an old college roommate, Brandon. He is from New Hampshire and is a Boston fan. Normally, I would not get along with these kinds of people because they are whiners. "Oh, we never won the World Series for 80 years, blah blah blah. I don't care that we had Larry Bird in the 80's or the Patriots dynasty." Then they won the World Series and became that much worse. But Brandon did one thing that made me not hate him. He took a crap on the campus of Michigan. In Ann Arbor, after a Penn State loss one year, he took one on a t-shirt on their campus and placed in on a predominant statue. I hate Michigan. They are just horrible, horrible, people.

Phillies in six. Howard becomes legendary.

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