Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Time

Let me tell you something, coming in to work at 10:30 sure does help the day fly by, but I still wanted to get this in. The Phillies play their first World Series game in 15 years tonight against a team that has never once been there before, and that team resides in a city we are all way too familiar with.

History does not seem to be on the Phillies' side. After all, they've lost to every other team in AL East in the World Series. But tonight, the Phils have a chance to reverse that trend and finally end this horrid, horrid drought that has prevented me from witnessing a championship in this city.

I am 24 years old. And I am getting quite tired of waiting. So Cole, please, I beg you, go out there and keep doing what you've been doing. Shut out that overachieving team in that horrible stadium, put us up 1-0 and get one step closer to getting this monkey off my back, off our backs.

It's time, fellas. Chase, Ryan, Jimmy, Shane, Pat, Jay, Pedro, Carlos, Greg, Chris, Brett, So, Matt, Joe, Clay, J.C., Chad, Scott, J.A., Brad, Ryan, Jamie, Eric, Geoff, Cole, do it for us. Do it for yourselves. Do it for Davey. And Jimmy. And Rich. And Milt. And Ramon. And Mick. And Steve. Do it for Charlie. And most of all, do it for each other, for this city. It's time.


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