Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eagles Have Something to be Depressed About

Well, it turns out the Eagles troubled Pro Bowl right guard Shawn Andrews had back surgery and may be done for the year.

Just what the Eagles need. With the Cowboys sputtering, the Redskins dropping to the Rams and the Giants coming back down to earth a bit, it looked as though the Eagles, if they actually played well, could have a chance to get back in this thing. After all, they are 3-3 with Atlanta coming to town on Sunday, and some reinforcements are on the way.

But losing Andrews for the year is a big blow. He's arguably the best guard in all of football—certainly in the upper echelon. To be fair, Max Jean-Gilles has not played poorly at all. In fact, against the 49ers he played pretty damn well. But to ask him to be Shawn Andrews may be a little much.

Given the Eagles lack of success running the ball most of the season, especially on 3rd and short, this a big blow. So people, enjoy the Phillies while you can, because this is a rough time for the Eagles and Flyers right now.


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