Thursday, October 2, 2008

Missing Links

Listen cretins, I know I haven't been around all that much the past few days, but that's all changing, as all 5 of you have probably noticed. The bastards at work have been dropping a ton of shit on my plate all week, so my time has been limited. Now, with things slightly easing off a bit, I'd like to touch on a few topics here with some links.

-First up, Michael Tillery over at SLAM has a good read on Sixers media day.

He talks with Andre Miller who is expecting an All-Star bid, as well as Sammy D. who also thinks he'll be a part of the Eastern Conference All-Stars and Thad Young, who is all sorts of happy to have Elton Brand in town.

-I'm sure you all heard that Jason Williams retired. This makes me incredibly sad because the man who unleashed the elbow pass was one of my favorite players to suit up. No matter what you thought of him, Jason Williams was must-watch television every time he took the floor in his young days in Sacramento, and he turned into a pretty damn point guard.

As TBL pointed out, J-Will was probably better than a lot of people give him credit for. His style lent itself to criticism and most people believed it was all flash with no substance. Turns out the man took many teams to the playoffs and won a ring in Miami, where he did play a good number of minutes. He will be missed immensely by me.

-Puck Daddy talks with Flyers legend Dave Shultz, where the Hammer breaks down these three fights:

And this one. Part two of the interview will be published on Friday.

-Steve Downie is getting all kinds of love here and here, and I'm pumped because I really like that guy.

-Good thing my dream of catching a home run ball and throwing it at J.D. Drew when he took his spot in the outfield never happened because it sounds like that would not turn out well for me.

-Ron Artest promotes his new mixtape.

-I stumbled upon the site High School Hoop, and it is fucking fantastic. This game is from there.

It's the 1993 Nike Camp All-Star game, and that's Allen Iverson, Kevin Garnett and Toby Bailey playing in it. Sick.

-Watch a 9 year old destroy other 9 year olds in football.

-Mets second straight collapse forces Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos to go on a rampage.

-Carlos "Cooch" Ruiz.

Uh, that's Chooch, TBS.

-Brian Scalabrine seems like a weird, funny guy and he reminds me of my friend Nate, except for being in the NBA part.

Try those on for size suckers.

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