Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snap Back To Reality

Welp, I knew it. My life was going way to good. Something had to give. I had it all set up. Everything was planned. I had off from work today, and even had gotten someone to cover for me on Wednesday. Things were going perfect. The Phillies were one game away from EVERYTHING we ever dreamed of. Not only that but the Flyers woke up, Brian Westbrook appeared to be healthy, and Penn State gave Ohio St. a lesson in how holding on and mistake free win big games. The Rays had no shot, absolutely no shot last night. Andddddddddd then God reminded everyone where we were. If the Rays couldn't beat us, then Mother Nature and Bud Selig would give it a shot.

I'm not one to complain[Ed note: Yes he is. We all are.], but give me a fucking break. You are going to wait that long to call that game when the radar looked that horrible from the start. This is the WORLD SERIES. Everyone who watched the weather knew what was happening. When Jimmy Rollins had that much trouble on a pop up, things probably should have been stopped. That was pathetic. The rain was going to continue to fall and the wind was going to pick up. The game probably should have been delayed from the start. And even if you start the game, when the grounds crew has to come out that many times and puddles are building on the field and THE RADAR SHOWS RAIN CONTINUING FOR THE NEXT 20 HOURS. STOP THE FUCKING GAME. Do everyone a favor.

The clinching game with our best pitcher on the mound? Really? It was going to be that easy? Nah. It never is, is it? Now our ace has been wasted. Cole was still pitching brilliantly without the use of his curveball and barely using his Gift from God change up. Just imagine if he was able to use something besides a fastball last night. That kid wasn't losing. I'll tell you that much. It is a shame too.

BUT, it's not over yet. Game 5 is still in progress and it's up to the best bullpen in the National League. They have to get 9 outs and the offense has to score 1 run in four at bats. I like those odds to tell you the truth. I believe in this team. Ya gotta believe in this team. They are too talented and they know what they are playing for. We have waited 25 years for a championship, so what's another 24 or 48 hours, am I right people? Remember what it has been like for the next day or so. Remember all the taunts of the Braves fans who have won the division for so many years, how discouraging it was for the Marlins to win TWO World Series in 10 years, remember every FUCKING Mets fan who came into Citizen Bank Park and wouldn't shut the fuck up. Because if the Phillies play their game, they way their supposed to play, they won't lose.

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