Friday, October 3, 2008

Puck Daddy with The Hammer, Part 2

As promised, Puck Daddy delivered his second part of his interview with Dave Schultz today.

A few highlights, like Scotty Bowman being a dick:

Anyway, your career finished up around the 1979-80 season with the Buffalo Sabres, right?

I only played 20 games with Buffalo. Scotty Bowman was there, and he sent me to the minors. He couldn't wait to send me to the minors after I kicked the crap out of a few of his Canadiens. He goes like, "There's no way in hell I'm having this guy on my team."


When you were playing, would you talk to some of your fighting rivals during the season?

Never. Never even in the off-season. I'll give an example: After our first Cup victory, I got invited to speak at a sports banquet in Detroit, and Keith Magnusson was speaking. He wouldn't even look at me. Not like I wanted to talk to him. We had to go back at it with each other the next season. It must be difficult for guys who played junior together or in the minors, and then had to fight each other in the National Hockey League.


Is there anyone you respect as far as fighters today?

I watch the Flyers, so this Riley Cote is good.


Finally, is there anything out of the ordinary you've had to sign?

Out of the ordinary ... you mean like a bra?

Yeah, that would qualify.

I've had to sign those. And I've signed many hammers, of course.

Check it out.

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