Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Mar-Har

Remember when Philadelphia's own Marvin Harrison was linked to a shooting in North Philly back in May?

Well, that story got swept under the rug since then, had it not? Not anymore. Turns out Dwight Dixon, the man who was shot after earlier in the day getting into a fight with Mar Har, is suing the Roman Catholic grad.

It's a very strange situation that really hasn't been delved into too deeply, however, the circumstances don't look good for Harrison or Dixon:

* Harrison and Dixon squabbled for two weeks before the shooting after they exchanged words in Playmakers, a bar on 28th Street near Cambridge that Harrison owns.

* Ballistics tests proved shell casings found at the shooting scene had been fired from Harrison's gun, a Belgian-made FN5.7, law-enforcement sources said.

* Detectives found the firearm in Harrison's garage on Thompson Street.

* Witnesses and Dixon separately identified Harrison as the shooter, the sources said.

"Look, it's our position that Marvin Harrison was the shooter," said Robert M. Gamburg, Dixon's attorney.

"But even if you believe the other theory, Marvin's gun was still used in the shooting, so he was negligent for leaving the weapon where someone else could obtain it."

The lawsuit further claims that Dixon, who was wounded in the left hand, suffered "serious and permanent injuries . . . and a severe shock to his nerves and nervous system," according to a copy obtained by the Daily News.

The suit seeks more than $100,000 in damages.

But another wrinkle in the case will arise on Nov. 17, when Dixon is due in court to face charges of making a false report to police.

A few hours after the April 28 shooting, Dixon turned up in Lankenau Hospital, in Wynnewood, where he initially told detectives that he had been wounded while driving in West Philadelphia, sources said.

Dixon later recanted and identified Harrison as the shooter, the sources said.

I wonder how many text messages his former quarterback at Syracuse, Donovan McNabb, has been sending Marvin with his condolences.

One thing is for certain, you don't mess with the Mar-Har.

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