Monday, November 3, 2008

Apparently It's Football Season or Something

Amid all the jubilation in my life directly resulting from the Phillies, forgive me for putting football on the backburner. I've been a little freakin busy. Like, really freakin busy on Friday.

Video courtesy of The Fightins

After attending a viewing in the morning, I left my house with a large congregation of friends for the parade. Well, we walked to the Girard stop of the el, only to watch as five trains packed to the max went by. So we started walking from Front and Girard. We made it past Spring Garden before hailing cabs. Ours stopped at 3rd and Washington, where we walked the rest of the way. But as it turned out, a friend of mine had an extra ticket to Citizens Bank Park, so I left our already disbanded group to meet my friend at The House That Glanville Built.

On the way, I was trying to get a hold of all my friends who wanted to meet up, but trying to make calls was useless. The lines were overwhelmed with calls. Nothing was going through. After failing to see anyone in the mass of humanity at our rendezvous point of Broad and Oregon, I just kept walking, finding my friend in front of the Third Base Gate.

From there, watched the festivities, which was just spectacular. Afterward, I met up with some friends outside the stadium. We had planned on riding the subway back to my house, but that didn't quite work out. The lines for the Broad Street Line were down the block and apparently trains were halted for a time. So we turned around, walked toward Columbus and decided we'd get a taxi. Problem was, traffic wasn't moving either. So we began to walk.

As we began to walk up Columbus, we were ignored by cab after cab, so we just kept walking. Ultimately, we walked the entire distance from the stadium all way to Fishtown. It was pretty absurd, but the absurdity didn't stop there. More drinking, partying and debauchery Friday night, followed by a party at our house Saturday (for which I was sick). By the time Sunday rolled around, watching the Eagles was an afterthought to just trying to regain some semblance of energy.

Luckily, my football fix was satiated both yesterday and on Saturday night, when I was able to watch this amazing ending at my party.

That was truly awesome and I'd do just about anything to see the Eagles get Crabtree. That guy is a stud.

Speaking of the Eagles, they won in unspectacular fashion in a boring game yesterday. Seattle is bad. Really bad. Also, the Flyers looked like garbage yesterday, and the Sixers blew a lead in Atlanta on Saturday. But you know what? I don't really care about any of that right now. World Fucking Champions.

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