Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So That's What an Exciting Football Game Looks Like

After attending a horrid game in sloppy conditions on Saturday and watching whatever it is you call that tie-fest on Sunday, I didn't think an exciting football game was even possible anymore.

But lo and behold, two franchises known for running backs who've had some run-ins with the law put on quite a show.

I mean, sure, the game was a complete suckfest early on, what with Trent Edwards doing his best Donovan McNabb impression in the first quarter, but the Browns pretty much suck, so the game was still well within reach. And by half, the hometown Bills were down only 3 points.

What happened the rest of the way was extremely frustrating for a guy like me. You see, I have Lance Moore and Jamal Lewis on my fantasy team. I've been playing Moore in my WR/RB slot the past few weeks because the guy has been getting a lot of balls thrown his way and scoring a good number of TDs. But this week, I figured with the chance of snow and cold on a Monday night, Jamal ball would be in full effect.

Boy was I wrong, but still, all I needed was Jamal to not get outscored by Marshawn Lynch by 20 points. That seemed like a safe bet. Until Trent Edwards decided to fuck me hard right in the ass. I mean, really, you're going to just completely stop even trying to throw to wide receivers and instead complete 10 passes to Lynch? What. A. Douche. And to top things off, Lynch was in full beast mode, rushing for 119 yards (his first 100 yard game of the year), gaining another 58 on his 10 catches and scoring a TD.

Seriously, screw you Trent Edwards. I'm glad your team lost. Oh, and screw you, too, Romeo. How's about when you get a fucking lead next time you hand the ball off to your beastly back? Maybe then you wouldn't have almost had a heart attack when the Bills took a lead and then had a chance to win it.

Lucky for you, Phil Dawson's Creek is all sorts of good at kicking long field (in other words, the opposite of David Akers), and that the Bills are perennially cursed from ever making a winning field goal.

But hey, I've resigned to the fact I suck at fantasy football. At least I got to watch a good game. Well, a good second half anyway.


  1. Pre-WFC, who was haunted worse, us by Mitch in '93 or Buffalo by 'wide right'?

  2. That's a tough call. Although, Buffalo did have 4 chances in a row, so wide right wasn't all-encompassing. Mitch was our only shot, and he ruined it.

    Still, it has to suck hard to be a Buffalo fan. Talk about getting shit on.

  3. How about when the Bills start playing in Toronto? That's a pretty tough one to swallow.

    HUGE Lynch fan and you're right, that was a great football game.

    Note to Andy Reid: If Romeo Crennel gets more out of his players than you do then maybe it's time to reconsider your approach...

  4. How can you not like a guy who has gold teeth and pimps a cart? Fo serious tho, Romeo was even using timeouts in case the Bills made that field goal. He's about 800 times smarter than Andy right now.